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Save all knowledge on one central location and share them with your colleagues and clients.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • One central location
  • Easy sharing with colleagues and customers
  • Maintaining overview
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities

Neoforce's Wiki allows you to store and manage knowledge articles in one central location. With this, everyone is always up to date with all the necessary ins and outs needed to get the job done.

This can be done entirely within Neoforce and you are always approachable. For your colleagues and also for your clients (if this is set up).

Make sure that all knowledgeable articles can be found by colleges.

By creating articles in the Wiki, you enable your colleagues to easily find previously solved problems. This can easily be done through Neoforce's general search bar.

Wiki articles are classifiable by category, keywords and tags. They are also fully customizable using a "What you see is what you get" editor. Displaying roadmaps and/or images is also easy to do.

This ensures that all knowledge is centrally secured in one place.

Help your customers by making manuals available.

If you also use our customer portal, you have the ability to make wiki articles available to your customers. With this, you ensure that customers can already solve a large part of their questions or problems themselves!

Your customers are guaranteed up-to-date manuals and can find everything quickly using the search bar. That saves the customer waiting for an answer, and you a ticket.