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Give your customers a unforgettable service experience with our customer portal.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Secure environment for customers
  • Fully configurable to your needs
  • Maintaining overview
  • Unlimited reporting capabilities

Customer portal: Give your customers insight and tools.

The customer portal allows your customers to easily log in to a secure environment. Here they can track the progress of their tickets, register new tickets and much more! You can also display customer-based manuals and more useful information within the customer portal.

Your customers deserve 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, visibility into all their business and data. They also want to be able to view or create things like tickets and wiki articles at any time. Offer them that opportunity with Neoforce's fully customizable customer portal.
It can be used on any type of device and fully integrated within your corporate identity!

Set up the customer portal complete and easily according to your wishes and tastes.

No matter how you run your business and provide service to your customers. Neoforce's customer portal supports you, and gives you the tools to work in the style that suits your business. Set it up completely how you want it and how it works for you conveniently and efficiently.

With the customer portal, you give customers the tools to help themselves.

Ask targeted questions, create wiki articles, publish targeted content or perform automated tasks on your IT infrastructure. Your customers want to solve their problems themselves, without necessarily having to create a ticket. With Neoforce's customer portal, you give them this opportunity

Double benefits
When your customers solve their problems themselves, it works both ways. Your customers are helped super fast and you reduce the workload on your end. Now that's efficiency!

Quick and hassle-free intake of customer requests and inquiries thanks to the customer portal.

By asking targeted questions, you help your customers faster and ensure that tickets are always complete. So thanks to the customer portal, you don't have to call them back because you're missing data.

Unlimited forms and questions
With Neoforce, you can create an unlimited number of forms and questions. Create dependencies between questions and ask them in an even more targeted way. You can add questions based on, text fields, multiple choice fields or selection fields.
From the settings of a form, you can also ensure that only specific customers or individuals can use and complete the form in question. This way, all the information you need is immediately in the customer portal.

Keep your customers easily informed of progress within the customer portal.

Your customers can view their own (and possibly shared) tickets at their convenience at any time through the customer portal. Here they will also find the option to post responses or (if enabled) to cancel the ticket or create new tickets.

Always up to date with simple feedback
Optionally, you can also ask for feedback on the handling of your tickets. This way you are always informed about your performance and the satisfaction of your customers. Customers can use 5 stars to indicate their experience and possibly explain this using an open question.